2023 – March & April

The standard Blossom Community Center schedule is: First Friday Bingo at 5:30pmThird Monday Potluck Dinner 5:30pm.  3rd Friday 5:30pm special event or BYOB hang-out.  4th Sunday Brunch 11:30am.  <–only the Brunch requires RSVP so the amount of food can be shopped for 2 days ahead.  And sometimes the 3rd Friday event needs RSVP, if supplies sufficient for attendees are needed.    For RSVPs, go to the other website, and link will be on the event listing on the calendar page:  https://blossomcenterma.org/calendar/

EXCEPT…  April 22, 4th SATURDAY for the monthly brunch, instead of 4th Sunday.

In April, like February, there was a school vacation week, so the Wednesday lunch becomes Kids’ Pizza Making, starting at 10am.  And everybody eating at 11:30am. If you do Facebook, also become a member of the group: Middlefield Events at:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/900148721255407

or become friends with the “person”:  https://www.facebook.com/blossomcenter.middlefield

^^ filling Eggs and craft tables for Middlefield’s town Easter Egg Hunt on April 8th.  <Kids Pizza dough rolling.

2023- February news & calendar

Photos from recent activities: Yule log crafting, pasta and pizza making:

We’ll be doing Vacation Week Pizza-making with kids again for Feb 22, Wed, 10am to help make them, and 11:30am to help eat them!  (photos from December vacation week)

Cat is expanding the capabilities of the new website.  Check out: www.BlossomCenterMA.org for calendar, and contact form for volunteered help and ideas, and email list.

Cat’s January Brunch was so popular that everyone voted to make Brunch a monthly meal.  Every 4th Sunday, Brunch, at 11:30 –Next one: Feb 26th.

Ray & Char continue Game Night Bingo every 1st Friday, 5:30-7:30pm. Feb 3, and Mar 3.

Doreen extended Tai Chi – Qi Gong class thru Feb.  Tai / Qi Thurs 4:30-5:30pm Feb 2, 9, 16, 23.

Potluck dinner: Every 3rd Monday 5:30pm. 

Potluck Snacks and games / activities every 3rd Friday 5:30pm.  Roxanne & Dave organizing the fun for Feb 17th

Eating together in other locations: Sunday Feb 12th 8-11am Middlefield Fair’s next pancake breakfast at Town Hall, 188 Skyline.  (All other events at Blossom Center, 16 Bell Rd if no location mentioned.)

2023- January

The Community Center members are brainstorming, and volunteering for, the various activities for the New Year.  So far…  Doreen volunteered to run a 6 week series of Qi-Gong & Tai Chi sessions from Jan 5th thru Feb 9th, Thursday afternoons at 4:30pm.  Come attend if you want to see this continue after the 6 weeks.  Gratitude basket, single class drop-in basis.  And contact: wellnesseducation123 at gmail.com –to express interest, or ask questions.  See more info on Facebook site: Blossom-CenterMiddlefield

Ray & Char continue to run 1st Friday of the month Bingo night at 5:30 –except this month it was delayed 1 week to Friday, January 13th for Bingo.  February Bingo will be back to Feb 3.

Last Sunday of the month is the date for January’s community meal Sunday, January 29, for Brunch at 11:30am (to help prep, start at 11:00, help clean up by 12:30-ish).  Rsvp on Facebook or by phone message to Tamarin at 413-623-2155 x111.  Or contact Cat directly, or come to the Blossom Center dining room to put your party’s names on the sign-up sheet –no later than Jan 27.  Donation of sliding scale from $4-up.  Menu:  Cat’s world-famous baked French Toast, Scrambled eggs from local chickens, Choice of Vegetarian or Pork Sausage, Fruit, probably pineapple, Coffee, Orange Juice / BYOB Mimosas.

Other chance to eat together: Middlefield Fair fundraiser Pancake Breakfast on Sunday January 15th, taking place at Town Hall from 8-11am, with coordinated meeting time being 9am.

In-person “Re-Imagining” session Sunday January 29, 1-2pm to share goals, values, interests, and do further planning of Community Center activities.  This will follow the January 29th Brunch.



December 2022 – Happy Holidays

Our 3rd Fridays at 5:30pm shared meal this month is Dec 16th, and will feature Diane’s German family food traditions.  Come earlier if you want to join in making the noodle dough and cranking it through the heirloom pasta maker.  __  After the meal, Dave will offer a sing-along. He’ll bring song sheets.  __ And Sue is organizing a ‘Yankee Swap’ of re-gifted items.  Bring a wrapped gift if you want to participate.

Watch the community kids in concert with a trip to regional school’s Gateway Performing Arts Center to see Jazz Band and Chorus perform on: Tuesday Dec 13th plus the Middle School concert.  or Monday Dec 19th plus the High School concert.   Both days at 6:30pm.

Join the Middlefield Community Service Group’s tradition of filling and delivering holiday boxes to area households.  Box assembly and visiting assignment will take place in Blossom Center dining room 1pm Saturday Dec 17.

Doreen has volunteered to offer more Qi-gong / Tai Chi classes if people let her know of their interest.  Proposed date: Friday Dec 9th at 4:15pm.  Contact her or message on Facebook to solidify future dates.

Juniper has re-started Sacred Circle Dances on 1st Fridays in an adjoining town, and would be willing to discuss holding one on a different day at Blossom Center.  Contact Tamarin if interested in these no-partner dances that draw on folk traditions around the world and got popularized by the Findhorn Community.

Jessica started tree decorating in the daycare room.   Sue made a poster for 3rd Friday reminder.  Check Facebook for latest developments.   https://www.facebook.com/blossomcenter.middlefield

Thanksgiving 2022

Thursday Nov 24th at 2pm, the Turkeys will be ready, and other dishes are by potluck by those who come.  There is a sign-up sheet to try to coordinate/ communicate what others are bringing, but don’t fret if you forgot to sign up.

AND on Friday 25th, Cat is hosting an afternoon of board games, and a more impromptu pot-luck of whatever left-overs people want to bring.  1-5pm for drop in on games.  5pm for dinner.  Let Cat know if you have game requests, because she has many to choose from.

And we’ll be beginning the decorating for mid-winter holidays, like the tree of lights that floats over the nighttime hill from the 2nd floor pyramid room and temple space.

Halloween 2022

Congregated Trick-or-Treating in a warm, bright place with non-candy food/ snacks; a chance to chat with other candy dispensing neighbors; and one-stop candy gantlet for kids; and a fun time to dress up.  5-7pm during the Town of Middlefield’s designated Trick-or-Treating hours on Saturday, Oct 29.  download a flier if you want a reminder for yourself or friends.

Voter Empowerment info / Meet Candidates

Sunday, August 21 at 4pm, come to an indoor / outdoor meet and greet prior to voting in Sept 6th Primary.  Candidate for MA Senate, Paul Mark, and candidate for Governor’s Council, Tara Jacobs, will be there to answer your questions.  Information on other races, candidates, and issues will be available.  Invite your friends to this social tea-time at Blossom Community Center, 16 Bell Rd, Middlefield MA, with lots of room to spread out. The Governor’s Council district covers Western Mass generally.  Picture below of the newly re-drawn MA Senate district, which covers the Hilltowns, Berkshire County and more.  Facebook link:    https://www.facebook.com/events/468000918149356/

Please send invitations out to your friends, and spread the word by email, by social media, by word-of-mouth.  If you want a handy half page reminder sheet to give out, or put on bulletin boards, download this pdf: 2up-Voter Empow

Looking Forward

Sunday, July 17, ’22 <<< Mark your calendars; our Band & Picnic block party returns in 2022! Third Sunday in July  from 1-5pm.  It’s the party that fits any size because it’s BYO everything.  We’ll have the tent and lawn, and pond, and some lawn games. The band “Hotshot Hillbillies” will play (approx 2-4pm).  Bring your lawn chairs or blankets, coolers, food, drink, more games or kites, and friends.  Sit close to the band if you want to listen.  Sit farther away if you want to have background music for your conversations.  Vendor or information tables are allowed (no charge, no amenities, BYO sun shade).  Topics of interest meet & greet for future affinity groups.  Get to know others with your interests!

BE A COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR by downloading and handing out reminders to your friends and acquaintances. Color 

or Black & White half-page flier JulyBand22-2up

[Banner picture above is of a previous year’s block party.]

JULY 21 – NOV 17 Farmers’ Market drop-off Thursdays  (drop location has been moved to Chester) from online orders placed at Hilltown Mobile Market.

Meals suspended until further…

Our fabulous cook, Lana, is on hiatus for a time.  Rather than bring in an unknown person (and their contacts) we will be suspending regular, weekday meal pick-up. As volunteers coordinate some foods, those will get delivered, or availability posted on facebook at: Blossom-CenterMiddlefield.