Monthly Archives: December 2013

Interests to pursue

The Blossom Center mission is to embody community values.  To express the truth and value of connectedness between people, and make belonging to a larger community group more tangible, Blossom Center is a membership organization.  It is open to members near enough to visit, or far away –but interested in sharing knowledge and enthusiasm. The values we seek to implement with activities and education include the following broad overview, and many more unnamed threads yet to be woven into this network of connected effort.

Blossom Center’s Network of connected efforts: activities, education, & values implementation.

Living in relationship with nature.  Local food.  Community Co-op.  ‘Green’ expertise –increasing skills for professional and personal use.  Permaculture.  Community Gardens.  Community Kitchen.  Herbalism.  Seed & plant swaps.  Forest gardening.  Sustainable living.  Farmers’ Market.

Improving health and wellness.  Implementing good nutrition.  Practicing exercise –offering dance, hiking, gym equipment, yoga, Tai Chi, etc.  Exploring alternative techniques: chiropractic, massage, Reike, meditation, & more.

Enhancing Life’s Directions.  Providing opportunities for continuing education & life-long learning for all ages.  Improving life in Middlefield and the surrounding rural Hilltowns.  Supporting personal growth.  Mentoring skill-building.   Arts Center.  Musical coffeehouse.  Community Chorus. Gift Economy / Yankee Swap.

Fostering Community connections.  Community Center facilities and activities.  Community potlucks, 2nd Friday every month.  Annual summer block party, (co-sponsored by the Middlefield Community Service Group).  Seasonal gatherings — congregated Halloween Trick-or-Treating, Maypole dance and spring songs, summer and fall harvest festivals, & more.  Place to host group-building retreats & workshops.