Monthly Archives: August 2022

Voter Empowerment info / Meet Candidates

Sunday, August 21 at 4pm, come to an indoor / outdoor meet and greet prior to voting in Sept 6th Primary.  Candidate for MA Senate, Paul Mark, and candidate for Governor’s Council, Tara Jacobs, will be there to answer your questions.  Information on other races, candidates, and issues will be available.  Invite your friends to this social tea-time at Blossom Community Center, 16 Bell Rd, Middlefield MA, with lots of room to spread out. The Governor’s Council district covers Western Mass generally.  Picture below of the newly re-drawn MA Senate district, which covers the Hilltowns, Berkshire County and more.  Facebook link:

Please send invitations out to your friends, and spread the word by email, by social media, by word-of-mouth.  If you want a handy half page reminder sheet to give out, or put on bulletin boards, download this pdf: 2up-Voter Empow