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Aug 2018 menu

Tuesday Dinner is at 5:30pm. Typically 80 people come, interact, eat, catch up on news. Those with special interest topics they’d like, can now use the overflow dining room for a smaller setting for discussions.  Just make a sign to direct people to the table for that topic.  Thursday Lunch is at 12:30pm.  Menu listing is for one main dish, but there are always vegetarian choices, and side dishes, salad bar, home-made soups, bread, dessert, beverages.

Dinners 5:30pm Lunches 12:30pm
8/7 shepherds pie 8/9 Korean beef
8/14 chicken 8/16 quesadillas
8/21 BBQ ribs 8/23 PIZZA *
8/28 pork loin 8/30 quiche