Monthly Archives: October 2013

Activities -Fall 2013

Our service area is Middlefield and surrounding hilltowns. Since broadband is limited in this area, use of websites is minimal for our populace, and updating or communicating through this website won’t be a priority.  Expect posts quarterly.  More frequent communications are through FaceBook sites: Middlefield MA, and Blossom-Center Middlefield.  Blossom Center does provide a free Wi-Fi location to help students who need web access for schoolwork, or anyone stuck with dial-up service at home.  The Wi-Fi is accessible from the parking lot for those times when the building is not open.

Fall events: Community Coffee Hour continues every weekday 1-2pm.

Monthly Potluck Community Dinners continue every 2nd Friday at 6:30pm  Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 8, Dec 13.

For Halloween: Congregated Trick-or-Treating will be at Blossom Center for all those households too isolated to get kids visiting.  Bring your candy to the community center and hang out with your neighbors as we greet the streams of kids carpooled to a single location of many households.  This year, there will also be a Haunted House. 

Classes, Thanksgiving, and Winter Holiday activities have not yet been finalized, since we are still awaiting Building Inspector approval on the newly constructed activity spaces.