Monthly Archives: June 2013

Community in Middlefield MA

Mission: Promoting the skills of stewarding resources, and improving the world we share.  Blossom Community Center provides community-building and educational opportunities for all ages.

The Community Dining Hall is still under construction.  In preparation for having a Food Establishment, Blossom Center recently hosted a class suggested by the Board of Health Agent.  Local EMT Arlene Radwich taught more than a dozen students Choking Prevention Procedures.  Future repeats of the class will be scheduled as people express interest.  CPR classes will also be scheduled.

Outdoor picnic events for the summer are 2-6pm on the Holidays of 5/27, 7/4, and 9/2. Plus, don’t miss the music event 4-7pm organized by the Middlefield Community Service Group on Sunday July 14th. (Banner picture above shows the MCSG annual picnic of 2010.)