BC-Missions-Values-goals  June’13   (doc below for download/print BC-Missions-values-1306draft )

Play this word-scramble game. Reply/ create a phrase to describe the mission of your community organization, Blossom Center. Make up your own words, or select words from below to make various mission descriptions –short (2-6 word), medium (1 sentence), and long (an ‘about us’ paragraph). Below is a brainstorming collection of descriptions for the guidance, work, and purpose of Blossom Center and its parent nonprofit organization of Ezmereld Inc.  Add/ choose your favorite values to manifest and share.  Vote your choice from tag line to mission statement to put on business card, letterhead, website, flier descriptions of who we are, wall posters, etc.

*Promoting the skills of stewarding resources, and improving the world we share.
*Blossom Center – Building community, sharing resources, improving life in Middlefield MA.
*An organization… matching students with mentors Matching interests with activities, needs with resources, implementers with volunteers.
Working together as stewards of shared resources. Nurturing the seed of potential to its full blossoming …in the human spirit & the world around us. *Pursuing learning, creating, community-building, harmonious relationships, & earth-stewardship. *Practicing the skills that aid… (above list. …or…plus?)
*A harmony of people, place, and purpose.
*A membership community…. Practicing the arts and skills of… generosity… cooperation… Improving the world we share… harmonious relationship… shared responsibility…
Learning to live lighter …on earth. …on the land we call home.

(description of how we do it): Empowering… Valuing… Embodying… Promoting….. Practicing….. Creating models of….. Exploring ways to…. Learning to…. Implementing ways of…. Supporting…
(plus what values we are doing things toward): Rural sustainability… Community engagement… Simplicity… Intentional Community… Conscious Collaboration… Cooperative Endeavors… Integrating Life… Environmentally friendly life habits… ‘Green’ design & technologies… Healthy Life Habits… Supporting Local Economy…
*Community is what we are, what we do, & what we create.

Shortest: __________________________________        

Tagline: _________________________________________________



Submitted by (Name):_____________________________

***EZMERELD is… an Extraordinary organiZATION of Merry Enterprises & Resource-Integration for Enhancing Life & Direction. Its intent is to bring out the extraordinary in ordinary people and improve the everyday settings where we relate to each other and the world. It is intended to be life-affirming and joyous in approach, therefore starting with the word ‘merry’ in its description. It is meant to honor the long roots of tradition, and learn from the past, therefore incorporating the acronym ‘ELD’ for our lessons learned in Enhancing Life and Direction. Welcome to the Extraordinary ‘Zation of Meri Eld.
(Acronym versions of the description for EZMERELD:)
***Extraordinary ‘Zation –Mentoring Exploration & Resource-sharing for Enhancing Life Designs.
(also) ***Designs for Life Enhancing Resource-sharing for Exploration & Members’ Zenith of Excellence.

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