Rumor Correction

I have heard talk lately of people not allowed at Blossom Center & decided to give a little history.

This all started when Blossom Center was only a proposal to be built, and a few people decided they didn’t want it to be built.  One of them came to our house to say: ”They” had met & decided this.  When asked about the reasons for their opposition, they said needed to pay $8.00 or less an hour or they would oppose our building as they all use local labor & if we offered non-seasonal and full-time employment with good pay, it would dry up their available local labor.

Then “they” (or associates) put up religious hate signs around town against our religion (I have copies of a few if you would like to see the religious bigotry).

When that failed “they” came around saying they would sue the town & us & attack our kids in the lawsuit (which they did).

The final straw came when we started hearing “they” were going to come on the land, pretend to get hurt & pursue ‘slip and fall’ lawsuits against us.  At this point we sent out “no trespassing” letters on some people.

After this, I had someone stopping their car to yell at me they were going to get out & beat me up. That they wanted to kill me.

With all this we had our lawyer (6 years into the lawsuit) see if they would drop the case & we would stop the no-trespass orders. We were told no.  One of their many demands was that the building not offer any accommodation to the public.  –Making later accusations about us limiting public use particularly hypocritical.

More years passed, and one selectboard member came to us asking if we would agree to remove the no-trespassing orders, if he could get our opponents to stop their vendetta.  We agreed; again, they refused.  (It has remained unclear who exactly “they” are, and who must be talked with to reach agreement, but that selectperson tried addressing the subject and met total rejection.)

If you disapprove of the no-trespass letters to a few people, I ask what approach you would take if it had happened to you that some people wanted your property not to exist, had spent many thousands of dollars and years of time on a lawsuit to prevent it, attacked the reputation of your kids, promoted lies and animosity against you, and encouraged hatred & bigotry in your home town? –Adair