Halloween 2022

Congregated Trick-or-Treating in a warm, bright place with non-candy food/ snacks; a chance to chat with other candy dispensing neighbors; and one-stop candy gantlet for kids; and a fun time to dress up.  5-7pm during the Town of Middlefield’s designated Trick-or-Treating hours on Saturday, Oct 29.  download a flier if you want a reminder for yourself or friends.

Voter Empowerment info / Meet Candidates

Sunday, August 21 at 4pm, come to an indoor / outdoor meet and greet prior to voting in Sept 6th Primary.  Candidate for MA Senate, Paul Mark, and candidate for Governor’s Council, Tara Jacobs, will be there to answer your questions.  Information on other races, candidates, and issues will be available.  Invite your friends to this social tea-time at Blossom Community Center, 16 Bell Rd, Middlefield MA, with lots of room to spread out. The Governor’s Council district covers Western Mass generally.  Picture below of the newly re-drawn MA Senate district, which covers the Hilltowns, Berkshire County and more.  Facebook link:    https://www.facebook.com/events/468000918149356/

Please send invitations out to your friends, and spread the word by email, by social media, by word-of-mouth.  If you want a handy half page reminder sheet to give out, or put on bulletin boards, download this pdf: 2up-Voter Empow

Looking Forward

Sunday, July 17, ’22 <<< Mark your calendars; our Band & Picnic block party returns in 2022! Third Sunday in July  from 1-5pm.  It’s the party that fits any size because it’s BYO everything.  We’ll have the tent and lawn, and pond, and some lawn games. The band “Hotshot Hillbillies” will play (approx 2-4pm).  Bring your lawn chairs or blankets, coolers, food, drink, more games or kites, and friends.  Sit close to the band if you want to listen.  Sit farther away if you want to have background music for your conversations.  Vendor or information tables are allowed (no charge, no amenities, BYO sun shade).  Topics of interest meet & greet for future affinity groups.  Get to know others with your interests!

BE A COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR by downloading and handing out reminders to your friends and acquaintances. Color 

or Black & White half-page flier JulyBand22-2up

[Banner picture above is of a previous year’s block party.]

JULY 21 – NOV 17 Farmers’ Market drop-off Thursdays  (drop location has been moved to Chester) from online orders placed at Hilltown Mobile Market.

Meals suspended until further…

Our fabulous cook, Lana, is on hiatus for a time.  Rather than bring in an unknown person (and their contacts) we will be suspending regular, weekday meal pick-up. As volunteers coordinate some foods, those will get delivered, or availability posted on facebook at: Blossom-CenterMiddlefield.

Covid-19 changes

Food options will be by take-out only, for pick-up between noon-2pm weekdays, instead of the usual large community gatherings for Tuesday dinners or Thursday lunches.  Community center volunteers are encouraged to be aware of the needs of high-risk/ home-bound neighbors and work out delivery of food as needed, or just to check in by phone for a bit of the social connection now hampered by “social distancing”.   …  Gatherings for events such as the Crystal Singing Bowl Equinox have been suspended until further notice.

2020 Winter

Community Meals 2x/week: Tuesday dinner 5:30pm and Thursday lunch 12:30pm. Main entrees listed below, but every meal has some vegetarian options, homemade soups, bread, salad bar, beverages, desert, and varied side dishes. Donation jar & box by the meal sign-in sheets.  Newcomers always welcome.  Advance sign-in not required. All ages event.

Special events in the pyramid room: Crystal Singing Bowl sound meditations — On Full Moons at 6:45pm with Aimee, and with shamanic drumming with Dawn & John on Saturday 1/25th at 3pm.  More updates at Facebook @Blossom-CenterMiddlefield


MARCH 2020

3/3 – Chicken Francais                3/5 – Quiches

3/10 – Corned Beef & cabbage   3/12 – Calzones

3/17 – Golumpkies                       3/19 – Swedish Meatballs

3/24 – Pasta Carbonara               3/26 – Reubens

3/31 – Pork Chops                       4/2 – homemade ravioli



2/4 – Bourbon Chicken             2/6 – Sloppy Joe’s

2/11 – Pork Loin                       2/13 – Stir Fry

2/18 – Roast Beef                    2/20 – PIZZA (kid’s vacation)

2/25 – Alfredo or red sauce      2/27 – Stuffed peppers or tomato



12/31 – no dinner New Yr’s                1/2 – Perogies & Kielbasa
1/7 – ham                                           1/9 – Chicken Pot Pie
1/14 – lasagna                                  1/16 – Korean Beef
1/21 – grilled Pork                             1/23 – baked potato bar
1/28 – Turkey                                     1/30 – breakfast for lunch

Fall-Winter 2019

Find us on FaceBook @Blossom-CenterMiddlefield

COMMUNITY MEALS (fabulously cooked for you by Lana) are every week, TUESDAY DINNER at 5:30pm (80-100 attendees typical) and THURSDAY LUNCH at 12:30pm (35-45 attendees). Although monthly menu (see below) lists only the main course of the day, there are always vegetarian options, full salad bar, 2 choices of homemade soups, fresh baked bread, vegetables, desert, beverages, and take-away containers in case delivering food to your other household members who didn’t make it, or other households (shut-ins you visit, etc.) Donations to offset food costs keep this going, and are greatly appreciated.  The twice weekly meals are set out buffet style. For other times during the week, soups and salad bar and left-overs are available on a self-serve basis. Ask for direction if you can’t find things.


HOLIDAY EVENTS: Halloween congregated Trick-or-Treat in the dining hall takes place during the Town of Middlefield’s designated door-to-door hours, which are usually on the Saturday before Halloween, from 5-7pm.  This year it’s Saturday 10/26.


Thanksgiving is by advance RSVP so enough turkeys can be cooked. Attendees are welcome/ encouraged to bring potluck side dishes, deserts, appetizers, beverages, etc.  This year it’s 11/28 at 12:30pm like our usual Thursday lunch-time.

Christmas / Solstice / New Year’s Eve or any other mid-winter bright spot are open for members of the community to organize whatever they’d like.  (so… To Be Determined)

HEALING ARTS & SPECIAL WORKSHOPS: Full Moons Crystal Singing Bowl sound meditations have been led by Aimee of @RogueYoga413 once a month (arrive 6:30-6:50 to start the meditation in the pyramid at 7:00pm).

Shamanic Divination & Candle Reading workshop by Itzhak Beery from 11am-6pm on Saturday Nov 16th. Reserving a place in advance needed.  Itzhak is the author of Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Transformation and The Gift of Shamanism.


DEC Tues Dinner 5:30 & Thursday Lunch 12:30pm menu

12/3 – pasta Carbonara               12/5 – oriental beef

12/10 – chicken Cordon Bleu       12/12 – Salisbury steak

12/17 – pork chops                       12/19 – quiches

12/24 – (Christmas Eve potluck?) 12/26 – Filipino dishes

12//31 – (New Year’s Eve skip unless members make party??)


NOV Tues Dinner 5:30 & Thursday Lunch 12:30pm menu

11/5 – chicken legs/ thighs         11/7 – taco bar

11/12 – meatloaf                         11/14 – breakfast for lunch

11/19 – pork loin                         11/21 – meatball & sausage grinders

11/26 – ham                                11/28 (sign up in advance for Thanksgiving)


OCT Tues Dinner 5:30 & Thursday Lunch 12:30pm menu

10/1 – corned beef & cabbage   10/3 – quiches

10/8 – enchiladas                       10/10 – beef stroganoff

10/15 – pork ribs                         10/17 – Reuben sandwich

10/22 – stuffed chicken               10/24 – Kielbasa. Mac & cheese.

10/29 – lasagna                          10/31 – quesadillas


SEPT Tues Dinner 5:30 & Thursday Lunch 12:30pm menu

9/3 – ham                                9/5 – perogies

9/10 – chicken parmesan        9/12 – Swedish meatballs

9/17 – golumpkies                   9/19 – Filipino pork

9/24 – turkey                           9/26 – chicken pot pie


AUGUST Tues Dinner 5:30 & Thursday Lunch 12:30pm menu

8/6 – pork loin                         8/8 – baked potato bar

8/13 – drumsticks                   8/15 – breakfast for lunch

8/20 – stuffed shells               8/22 – kids’ make PIZZA

8/27 – chicken Francais         8/29 – stuffed peppers & tomatoes

Summer 2019

Come to big Annual Block Party, Picnic, and Live Band on SUNDAY, JULY 21st from 1-5pm, at 16 Bell Rd Middlefield MA.  This 9th annual event –co-sponsored by the Middlefield Community Service Group — is bring your own lawn chairs, beverage coolers, lawn games, swimwear. The band, Shut Up & Dance, plays between 2-4pm under the big tent. Attendees can spread out from tent to open field to pond-side.  Lots of room to bring your gang. Vending or information tables also allowed (byo tables/ pop-up tents).

Ongoing are the community meals every Tuesday dinner and Thursday lunch. (These have been going for 4 years now!) There are always homemade soups, salad bar, vegetarian and side dishes as well as the featured entrée listed in the monthly menu. All ages welcome. Sit with new folks or old friends.

JULY Menu:

TUESDAY  DINNERS 5:30pm            THURSDAY  LUNCHES 12:30pm

7/2 – pork chops                                7/4 – closed for holiday
7/9 – chicken cordon bleu                 7/11 – quiches
7/16 – turkey                                      7/18 – wraps – cold & hot
7/24 – ham                                      7/25 – hamburger & hotdogs
7/30 – roast beef                                8/1 – salisbury steak

JUNE Menu:        

6/4 – meatloaf                                 6/6 – ribs
6/11 – bourbon chicken                   6/13 – beef stroganoff
6/18 – enchiladas                            6/20 – chicken & broccoli casserole
6/25 – beef teriyaki                           6/27 – taco bar. +Fiesta party


MAY Menu:

4/30 – ham                                      5/2 – sandwich bar

5/7 – lasagna                                    5/9 – Reubens

5/14 – chicken Francais                5/16 – quesadillas

5/21 – garlic pork chops                5/23 – breakfast for lunch

5/28 – turkey                                  5/30 – sloppy joes