2023 – March & April

The standard Blossom Community Center schedule is: First Friday Bingo at 5:30pmThird Monday Potluck Dinner 5:30pm.  3rd Friday 5:30pm special event or BYOB hang-out.  4th Sunday Brunch 11:30am.  <–only the Brunch requires RSVP so the amount of food can be shopped for 2 days ahead.  And sometimes the 3rd Friday event needs RSVP, if supplies sufficient for attendees are needed.    For RSVPs, go to the other website, and link will be on the event listing on the calendar page:  https://blossomcenterma.org/calendar/

EXCEPT…  April 22, 4th SATURDAY for the monthly brunch, instead of 4th Sunday.

In April, like February, there was a school vacation week, so the Wednesday lunch becomes Kids’ Pizza Making, starting at 10am.  And everybody eating at 11:30am. If you do Facebook, also become a member of the group: Middlefield Events at:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/900148721255407

or become friends with the “person”:  https://www.facebook.com/blossomcenter.middlefield

^^ filling Eggs and craft tables for Middlefield’s town Easter Egg Hunt on April 8th.  <Kids Pizza dough rolling.