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Dinners by Donation

Blossom Center dining hall is now providing weekly dinners at 5:30pm every Wednesday in September, and every Tuesday in October.  Mary is cooking menus subject to change, but updated on Facebook at: Blossom-Center Middlefield.  Community feedback is encouraged –either by voting with your feet by attending the nights that work well for people, or by comment on facebook site or this website: or leave a message at 623-2155×111. There is a sign-up sheet in the dining room, but more food is made than needed so RSVPs are not required. Left overs will be available for take-home meals or lunches.

Newly cooked lunches are every Thursday at 12:30pm for both September and October.

Donations can be in dollars, or –if you coordinate this with Mary– donate food abundance from your gardens, or help with prep and clean-up.

The Community Center’s mission is to improve quality of life for Middlefield and surrounding area. One thought is that a local place to get home-cooked food might improve life, and strengthen community (for those who stay to eat with neighbors and friends).

Blossom Center would also like to host mini-workshops on subjects like nutrition, sharing recipes, and other health and wellness, or fun topics. People with recipes or interests to share should be in touch. So should people interested in adding an after-dinner music element. Blossom Center is at 16 Bell Rd, Middlefield, upper rear entrance.

Eating together

crop067-lunch crowdCommunity Potluck Dinner is Second Friday of each Month (except Aug) at 6:30pm. We’ve been hosting these fun and friendly events since 2010. 35-55 people usually gather. Newcomers are welcome. That’s the beauty of potlucks –infinitely expandable.

Fall 2015 dates for 2nd Friday Potluck are 9/11, 10/9, 11/13, & 12/11/2015.

We got a reply to the request for a cook, so we are trying Dinners by Donation every Wednesday at 5:30pm for the month of September, and accepting feedback and direction on days, times, types of food, which best fits enhancing people’s lives. (That’s the overarching goal of any of these experiments.) Want to share a cook? Want to ‘go out to eat’ at a meet-new-friends, and join-your-neighbors type meal? Since these are not potluck, an RSVP list is helpful. –But not required, since we try to make enough food to have left-overs for lunches or take-out on Thursday.  (Sign-up sheets are in the Dining Room –back entrance 16 Bell Rd.) We had 35 folks come to the meal on 9/2. The remaining dates for Dinners by Donation are Sept 9, 16, 23, 30.

Annual Picnic, Band, Block Party July 12, 2015 1-5pm

12-7-15 JKband007 12-7-15 tent crowd008Live Band under the big tent –diverse music genres– playing 2-5pm. Catered grill by Ozzie’s from 1-3pm. Free. All sponsored by the Middlefield Community Service Group, as annual event for community. Everyone welcome. Bring your own beverages and lawn chairs. Bringing potluck sides and desserts to share optional. Settle on the lawn or under the tent. Bring your friends and family, or come solo. Lots of room!   16 Bell Rd, Middlefield, on SUNDAY afternoon 7/12/15 from 1-5pm.

The tent is up and ready for the big 5th Annual event.


Solar Info

Green Geetings from Tamarin Laurel, from Middlefield MA.

I am organizing information and experience sharing on Photo-Voltaic installations. The aim is to help people in our hilltown region, who might be interested in solar electric, easily learn what they need to for making their own decisions. The timeframe is to see what can be accomplished this spring, summer, and fall of 2015.

Share your wisdom, experience, interest, case study example, resource suggestions, participation. Comment here, or call Tamarin weekdays 623-2155 extension 111 (area413). First organizational / planning meeting will be during Town coffee hour on Saturday Apr 11, 9:30-10:30am, at Blossom Center dining hall, 16 Bell Rd, Middlefield. But planning will be ongoing, so joining in on sharing your interest at any time is encouraged.

Cooking job open

Hiring Alternative Cook  — (Please pass this on to your networks for: holistic health, permaculture, local food, alternative spirituality, community-building, sustainability, herbal and nutrition knowledge.)

Great Job opportunity for sharing your enthusiasm for health and food. Flexibility on hours, days. Qualities sought: Cook/ teacher/ food coop organizer/ gardener/ health & nutrition coach. Mainly Cook, able to feed 30+ efficiently, familiar with commercial kitchen equipment, good at meats as well as vegetarian dishes.    

Where: Middlefield Ma (Western Mass), beautiful country location with dining hall and community kitchen of a nonprofit members’ organization (Blossom Center), plus employee wellness program for 20-person businesses (AzureGreen & Abyss Distribution).

Call Marin (Tamarin) at AzureGreen 413-623-2155 x111 for info or interview.

Summer Events

Annual community block party with food and live music will be July 13th, 1-5pm with the band Rakish Paddy starting around 2:30pm. (banner picture from this event in previous year). Middlefield Community Service Group sponsors the tent, music, and food each year to promote community connections. Blossom Center provides the site. It has been a great collaboration between the 2 community organizations for the past 4 years.

Other Blossom Center happenings: Summer holiday cook-outs are Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day 1-5pm. Monthly community potluck dinners are every 2nd Friday of the month, (except for August): 6/13, 7/11, 9/12, 10/10, 11/14, 12/12. The local food co-op and farmers’ market has been making orders every two weeks, and accepts all local produce that people bring in for self-service sales. The Wellness Program Tai Chi classes continue every Tuesday 5-6pm, for free; drop-in basis, beginner level. Nutrition and cooking classes are in the works.

Wellness Program

Creating a local healthy foods and wellness program is in the works. Add your comments for helping coordinators piece this puzzle together. We need to match resources with interests. Mention the things you would have enthusiasm for, or the resources you know of, or have to share, for creating a community environment supportive of healthy eating, more exercise, stress reduction, and body/mind nurturance. We also need to know the scheduling times that work for most people. There is also a written suggestion notebook in the Blossom Center Community Dining room at 16 Bell Rd.

Interests to pursue

The Blossom Center mission is to embody community values.  To express the truth and value of connectedness between people, and make belonging to a larger community group more tangible, Blossom Center is a membership organization.  It is open to members near enough to visit, or far away –but interested in sharing knowledge and enthusiasm. The values we seek to implement with activities and education include the following broad overview, and many more unnamed threads yet to be woven into this network of connected effort.

Blossom Center’s Network of connected efforts: activities, education, & values implementation.

Living in relationship with nature.  Local food.  Community Co-op.  ‘Green’ expertise –increasing skills for professional and personal use.  Permaculture.  Community Gardens.  Community Kitchen.  Herbalism.  Seed & plant swaps.  Forest gardening.  Sustainable living.  Farmers’ Market.

Improving health and wellness.  Implementing good nutrition.  Practicing exercise –offering dance, hiking, gym equipment, yoga, Tai Chi, etc.  Exploring alternative techniques: chiropractic, massage, Reike, meditation, & more.

Enhancing Life’s Directions.  Providing opportunities for continuing education & life-long learning for all ages.  Improving life in Middlefield and the surrounding rural Hilltowns.  Supporting personal growth.  Mentoring skill-building.   Arts Center.  Musical coffeehouse.  Community Chorus. Gift Economy / Yankee Swap.

Fostering Community connections.  Community Center facilities and activities.  Community potlucks, 2nd Friday every month.  Annual summer block party, (co-sponsored by the Middlefield Community Service Group).  Seasonal gatherings — congregated Halloween Trick-or-Treating, Maypole dance and spring songs, summer and fall harvest festivals, & more.  Place to host group-building retreats & workshops.

Activities -Fall 2013

Our service area is Middlefield and surrounding hilltowns. Since broadband is limited in this area, use of websites is minimal for our populace, and updating or communicating through this website won’t be a priority.  Expect posts quarterly.  More frequent communications are through FaceBook sites: Middlefield MA, and Blossom-Center Middlefield.  Blossom Center does provide a free Wi-Fi location to help students who need web access for schoolwork, or anyone stuck with dial-up service at home.  The Wi-Fi is accessible from the parking lot for those times when the building is not open.

Fall events: Community Coffee Hour continues every weekday 1-2pm.

Monthly Potluck Community Dinners continue every 2nd Friday at 6:30pm  Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 8, Dec 13.

For Halloween: Congregated Trick-or-Treating will be at Blossom Center for all those households too isolated to get kids visiting.  Bring your candy to the community center and hang out with your neighbors as we greet the streams of kids carpooled to a single location of many households.  This year, there will also be a Haunted House. 

Classes, Thanksgiving, and Winter Holiday activities have not yet been finalized, since we are still awaiting Building Inspector approval on the newly constructed activity spaces.