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Yuletide Greetings 2017-2018

May your days be Merry and Bright

Now, as the sun turns from the shortest day of 2017 toward the growing season of 2018, we look back and forward.  For a picture to keep from the past year, I pick the beauty and welcome of our pyramid room, finally finished in 2017.  I look at it, and think that its healing possibilities are endless. I remember the conversations about creating Intentional Community, in which we participated at one Reclaiming Tradition gathering. Visions discussed kept returning to having a ‘Healing Arts Center’.  I suspect the theme of healing has only become more central to people’s dreams of life on the right track.  Certainly we are seeing sales at our business,, soar on an undefinable yearning for things that speak to alternative ways of being, and offer uplift for spirit, mind, and body.  Even the local Adult Education classes given in our small, rural town of Middlefield MA have seen the biggest turn-out be for Aromatherapy, in keeping with this theme of seeking gentle, healing ways of life.

     (Pics of finished upstairs meditation room, plus we did the floor of the greenhouse on the pyramid’s lower level.)


Joy, Health, Love & Peace, be all here in this place

We continue having community meals twice weekly in the previously finished portion of the upstairs –the dining hall and commercial kitchen, as we have since mid-2015. The practice of simply sitting down with neighbors over good food and friendly conversation gives uplift for the self and connection-building for the larger group. About 80 people gather for dinner on Tuesdays, and nearer 40 come to lunch on Thursdays. These meals have been the most frequent expression of the mission of the nonprofit community center: to enhance our community, and the world we share.  “Blossom Center” was the name that arose for the community center, since it was meant to be a center, was located near Blossom Corner, and has the purpose of encouraging creativity, stewardship, and initiative to blossom. People are welcome to find us on Facebook: @Blossom-CenterMiddlefield. 

Or, visit the website under the name of the umbrella organization at:  (Ezmereld was the name of the school of magical, healing, and bardic arts in the novel Tamarin wrote: Initiation At Beltane.  She keeps giving EZMERELD acronym words of explanation. Currently it’s an Epicenter Zone, or an Expansive ‘Zation, –Modeling Explorations Re-imagining Earth-Life Disciplines.**  

We do a lot of imagining what could be; exploring how to create it; then becoming a model of life-affirming things, so natural to human aspirations, yet too rarely found elsewhere.

BigDin 016-all6tables-sm 

                 ~ 2017 ~  This past year, Adair continued to work the jobs of 3 people, and say: “We need more help.”  … Marin got elected to town government again, this time on the Board of Assessors, and went to UMass Amherst for a week of training. … Her parents’ 2 retirement homes in Santa Rosa got through California fires intact, after a forced evacuation. … Former housemate and co-worker at AzureGreen, Cam, died after a long illness, and received a very nice funeral from the Middlefield townspeople who’d known him since their one-room-schoolhouse days together. … The ongoing collaboration with the local Community Service Group produced another great annual block party on the 3rd Sunday in July. …

band 009-audience and band-sm2-horz

We got additional solar-electric panels installed. … We welcomed to town a long-time friend from CT, Diann T, who’s now built her dream retirement home in Middlefield.  … Daughter Buffie continues to be a key member of our 20-employee family business, and to frequently bring her god-daughter, red-headed Tara, to work and events here. (See pics of the frequent pizza-making events, and video of Halloween congregated trick-or-treating: https://quik.gopr )

pizza 011-4 tables Tara-sm-horz

~ 2018 ~  In the year to come: We will be completing construction on the remaining 4,800sf unfinished space in the business & community center building (named Beltane Hill).  We’ll continue to network with diverse people also engaged in enhancing life in our various communities.  We’ll continue to provide spiritual supplies, support other businesses with fulfillment and shipping services, and a great selection of goods.  We’ll continue to build the connections of community.  The upcoming events, classes, salons, and possibilities will manifest when community members make them happen.

We’ll continue –with others– to discuss and implement the things that aid our practice of living on Earth in harmony with our destiny, and with each other.  

–Merry Solstice Greetings 2017 from Adair & Marin (Tamarin), Buffie, and all the folks of AzureGreen & Blossom-Center, at Beltane Hill, Middlefield MA 01243. (That’s POB 48 by mail, 16 Bell Rd by street.)

**[Footnote from Tamarin: I know my acronyms get clunky, but I keep feeling like I need new words to describe what I mean.  Our culture lacks a word, despite humans naturally being social creatures, to identify belonging to a larger Tribe/ Clan/ Family, when that ‘belonging’ is not set by DNA; or belonging to a ‘Nation’ not set by geography. So I coined ‘Zation (short for organization) to describe that identification of your self with your larger group. And by “Earth-Life” I mean living in a holistic manner that harmonizes the life of spirit with the incarnate life; keeping or restoring balance between our actions and the wider whole of Earth. I still want a physical-world school of Ezmereld to manifest, as I’d dreamed when writing its fictional counterpart. That’s a project that needs co-creation with fellow Seekers, both teachers and students –a ‘zation of faculty and alumni.  … In this past year, at the Four-Freedoms and Women’s Marches, I noted the hosting ability of church congregations, and thought that the ‘Power of Congregation’ should not be limited to those agreeing on a dogma. It is too important for that.]

Annual Picnic with Live Music 7/16/17


At Blossom Center  16 Bell Rd Middlefield, MA. Annual Picnic with Live Music  — Hosted by: Middlefield Community Service Group  

JULY 16th  Sunday 1-5pm.    Band ‘Shut Up & Dance’ starts ~2:00pm


Grilling catered by Ozzie’s 1-3pm.  Guests encouraged to bring desserts or salads to share.


BYOBeverages, coolers, lawn chairs, swimsuits, towels, etc. Everyone welcome. ~ Rain or Shine ~ Donations Welcome


Cook Wanted

 An Employer Wellness Program (for 20 employees of & small-town Community Center (with ~100 regulars of Blossom-Center Middlefield) seek a cook with passion for food and community. Current schedule is providing Tuesday dinners for up to 80 people, self-serve buffet style. (serve by 5:30pm, cleaned up by 7:30pm); and Thursday lunches for up to 35 people. Part time hours fairly flexible. Full time employment if also willing to work mail-order tasks for AzureGreen, in addition to cooking. ServSafe needed (or willingness to take course).

Job Application form EmploymentApp to be returned to Tamarin, or emailed to with subject title: Job App. Also attach personal resume, if any. 

Need to be…

**Self-directed –coordinating on food purchasing & menu-prep, handling all kitchen tasks needed, good at time-management.

**Health-knowledgeable: familiar with healthier options in food prep, ingredients, interested in helping diners with high BP, or weight-loss, or glycemic issues.

**Diversity-friendly: making senior diners feel welcomed; happy to teach kids cooking; inclusive to both carnivores and vegetarians; balancing a Hilltown/ standard-American diet habit with healthier trends; happy to leave kitchen and interact with diners; encouraging of community-member participation in prep and clean-up.

Welcome Summer ‘17

At Blossom Center, the community hub for local food and activities, Summer is shaping up as follows…  (Co-creation by participants is the key to what happens, so jump in with your help & ideas.)

LOCAL FOOD: Twice Weekly Meals continue. Tuesday Dinners at 5:30pm, and Thursday Lunches at 12:30pm. Donate what you feel appropriate; no one turned away for lack of funds.  There’s side dishes, vegetables, salad-bar, soups, dessert, home-made bread, plus the Menu for June main dishes for Tuesday dinners is: Chicken 5/30; Lasagna 6/6; Pot Roast 6/13; Turkey 6/20; Meatloaf 6/27.  Menu for Thursday lunches: Pulled Pork 5/25; Mac & Cheese 6/1; Quiche 6/8; Ham 6/15; Sandwiches 6/22; Grilled Cheese & soup 6/29.

023 half dining room

Area Events: 43rd Annual Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair, May 27 & 28, at Cummington Fairgrounds.  Heather Baylis, who works her rug loom at Blossom Center, will go with her curly wool rug creation.  She’ll be working on more creations at the loom. Stop in and see the progress.

020-heather loom

Plant Swap: Hilltown Seed Savers Network had its annual spring plant and seedling swap on May 20th (also in Cummington). But all the remaining seedlings and bonus plants were passed on so the plant swap could come to Blossom Center. So there’ll be a place for Gift-Economy sharing of plant abundance. Take some plants to give them a good home. You can also bring some gift plants if you are thinning your garden beds.  Bring pots/ containers too. 

p v 012 seedlings 022 seedlings box

Green Construction: Blossom Center is located in the Green-design, energy-efficient building at 16 Bell Road in Middlefield.  Going on now is completion of the pyramid room. It will be for class space, meditation, yoga, tai chi, Reiki, and available for health practitioners who want to sign up for time (massage, etc.).  

Tai Chi Class will be offered by Joan on Fridays 2pm and Wednesdays 6pm, starting June 2, 2017, on drop-in basis. When the pyramid is done, classes will move into the pyramid room.



Solar Electric Tracking Poles: Just completed the install of a system of 5 solar power (PV) arrays that track the sun.

p v 007-crop w bldg




Comments Disabled

Reply / Comment feature had to be discontinued because of pest Spammers.  Real people who want to send a message are welcome to do so through the Facebook site at:  Blossom-Center Middlefield.


October 2016

TUES Dinners 5:30pm & THURS Lunch 12:30pm meals by donation menu:  Tues dinners 10/4 Stir Fry.  10/11 Chicken Tetrazini.  10/18 Baked Ziti.  10/25 Lazy Golumpkie.  Always with fresh bread, soups, salad bar, sides.  Thurs lunches – 10/6 Sloppy Joes.  10/13 Chicken Pot Pie.  10/20 Ham & scalloped potatoes.  10/27 Beef Stew.

Turkey dinner this month will be for the monthly Potluck Dinner, 2nd Friday of the month –10/14 at 6:30pm.  Bring whatever you wish.

Local food available weekdays in the form of Soups, salad bar, and left-overs are always available –self serve.  Coffee Hours are Mon-Fri 1-2pm and Sat 10-11am.

The art display of Norman Rockwell collection will continue for part of the month.  See it before it’s gone.

Exercise equipment available for members to use.  Not a member yet? Fill out the form and drop it off. BlossomCenter-member-form

Haunted House – Oct 29, 30,31 open 6:30-8:30pm.  It’s back this year, and bigger too!  There is other space to hang out for those who choose a less scary time while their friends go through.

Congregated Trick-or-Treating (indoors) will be during the Town’s set hours — Saturday eve 10/29 from 5-7pm.  If your household misses out on seeing all the Trick-or-Treaters come by, bring your candy to Blossom Center to set up.


Cook’s job open, apply now

Blossom Center has been hosting dinners every Tuesday at 5:30pm, which get between 60-80 attendees, and Thursday lunches at 12:30pm, which get around 30 diners.  Mary, who has been the cook, is leaving us after Thurs Sept 1st to go work for her mom in FL. She made great food, and also added that friendly hostess quality that makes community members and new guests feel welcome, plus enjoyed involving the kids in cooking activities occasionally.  (scroll down for an idea of past activities)

We are seeking a new cook –quick!  If you’d just like to try out a week or 2 before long-term commitment, that might work too.  Wellness is a theme, so health-conscious cooking knowledge is a plus.  Pre-prep food to be available on other weekdays, in addition to the 2 main meals.

Position is Part Time, unless applicant is also willing to do various mail-order fulfillment jobs between kitchen tasks.  Then it could be Full Time.  Fill out Job Application and attach any resume or additional explanation you wish. And/or call Tamarin 413-623-2155 x111. EmploymentApp

Annual Block Party / Band / Picnic 7/17 1-5pm

band 057-Lft side crowd & band This was last year’s event. Come this SUNDAY 7/17/16. Ozzie’s will serve food 1-3pm, and the Band (Picky Bastards) will play 2-4pm, under the tents. Free event, sponsored by Middlefield Community Service Group.  Bring your own lawn chairs, beverages, coolers, etc. 16 Bell Rd, Middlefield. It’s a great time. Potluck deserts encouraged.


Summer 2016

BigDin 001-selfServe Line BigDin 014-RmToW

Dinners & Lunches by donation are very popular!  Enjoy the Local Food, and the chance to meet and chat with new folks and old friends. Every Tuesday at 5:30pm, and every Thursday at 12:30pm. (also self-service lunch options on other weekdays)

JULY 17, 2016, Sunday afternoon, will be the big annual picnic and Live Band outside under the tent, beside the pond. Sponsored by Middlefield Community Service Group, but open to other town’s residents too. (the banner picture for are from previous year’s picnic/ block party.)